Heal Chronic Pain By Affecting The Root Cause

 "Heal Your Mind, Body, and Spirit: Experience the Magic of Spiritual Healing Today"


Find more energy, peace, tranquility, and the energy of sheer happiness in a place where those around you are possibly the most supportive in the world. 


I want to make sure that I can offer the most and create as few barriers to entry as possible for those who are really looking to heal. 


You'll learn how to protect yourself and your energy. How to recall it in a moment. How to transform blocks and aches and pains into love, relaxation, and light. 


For those who really want to learn and learn fast, we have weekly. For those who are very enthusiastic but weekly may not be possible, we have bi-weekly. And for those who just want to keep up skills and recharge infrequently, we have monthly meetings.


This is a great way to connect to those who may be able to share with you aha moments or things that helped something click within them. 


You all have either worked with me as a client or added value in some way so I want to offer you an incredible deal so you can keep your energy at the highest levels.


Now, as many of you know, to work with me 1 on 1 costs $5,400+ and people are happy to pay it.  


But I want to make sure I'm offering a great deal since, in one form or another, we've been a benefit in each other's life.


With VIP access and showing up weekly, you may not need many months. If you want to learn as much as you can, you can do that within about 2-3 months if you really focus. A $3600/mo value at only $868/mo. 


If you want semi VIP access to the bi-weekly (once every other week) because healing isn't as much of a priority for you right now, this is a $2,000/mo value for only $586/mo.


If you want to just show up monthly on an annual basis because you know the importance of keeping your energy and vibrations high but don't have a lot of healing needs, this is perfect for you. A $1,200/mo value at only $368/mo. 


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