Heal Chronic Pain By Affecting The Root Cause

Welcome to Cancel Chronic Pain Day 7- With Dorothy Rowe!




Dorothy Rowe went through a transformation of awareness in 2008 when she began using her lifelong ability to see the subtle strata of creation, to heal herself and others. Dorothy witnesses and reports the healings performed by the one, eternal Source – Divine Being. Dorothy’s profound understanding of the manifesting process allows her to report extraordinary details of healing transformations, or energy work, to her clients. Her goal is to enable all her clients to develop their own abilities for autonomous self-healing. Dorothy offers private consultations, workshops, webinars, and distance (remote) energy work sessions.


Dorothy's Free Gift to you!

Clearing Karma with Divine Grace


Free Gift Description: This 5 and a half minute healing activation provides a meditative healing experience for karma through the presence of Divine Grace. It helps buffer your experience of trauma so that it does not overwhelm the system. Instead, you are able to navigate through the rough moments of life, hence forth, with ease and autonomy over the purification process.

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