Heal Chronic Pain By Affecting The Root Cause

Joshua'S STORY


After healing people from across the world, it wasn't long until he was able to heal a former Navy SEAL of his arthritis! This led to him healing and giving pain relief from cervical dystonias, removal of spinal bone spurs (MRI confirmation), healing of impacted vertebrae, diseased organs, and a whole host of muscular-skeletal disorders. As part of his training, he even learned how to heal cancer. 

Life is about the experience, isn’t it?

Many people draw conclusions about the world the same way a child concludes they hate vegetables without trying them. Most people are told they live with incurable conditions so they run that program in their lives without trying out experiences that could prove otherwise. 

What if they are wrong?


That’s what Joshua has found out. He spent 10 years in the medical field from Combat Medic in the U.S. Army to pediatric medical research and data analysis at the University of Utah. Joshua himself had to heal his own trauma from his childhood and as a soldier, and is now fully equipped to be able to assist others. 


Joshua’s whole life changed when he learned how to heal because he first healed himself. How much would your life change if you were healed? If you no longer had to take medication to be “normal”... If you’d like to learn what Joshua has learned then reach out to him and start a conversation and find yourself on a path to healing, today. 

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