Heal Chronic Pain By Affecting The Root Cause

Welcome to Cancel Chronic Pain Day 4- With Jenny Schiltz!




Jenny Schiltz is a shamanic practitioner; she works with the body’s energy to see where there is dysfunction and then helps it to move out. This can be trauma, beliefs, and programming from this life, past lives, the inner child, shadow aspects, and things that create physical issues. She works within the Quantum field to unravel programming, limitations, and beliefs that keep people trapped and looping. She helps people see and understand why they do what they do or feel a certain way. This acknowledgment and understanding of programming is the first step toward deep, lasting healing. She works to teach people how to ease their energetic field, create healthy boundaries, and be open to their highest aspect and abilities.


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Inner Healing


Receive a free guided meditation that is infused with frequency to help you cut energetic cords that can bind, creating dis-ease in the body. Also, take advantage of a 20% discount on healing tinctures that work on the subtle bodies. This vibrational medicine can assist with healing trauma, healing the nervous system, and even bringing more joy and self-love into your life.

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