Heal Chronic Pain By Affecting The Root Cause

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Dr. Melanie Stevenson has studied natural medicine as well as practiced for more than 20 yrs. She has traveled the world with her late husband Dr. laila O. Afrika teaching naturopathic modalities as well as lecturing on various topics related to holistic medicine. Having several practices around the U.S. Melanie is now focused on helping the masses become more self-aware of capabilities the body has to heal itself when put in the correct environment. Dr. Melanie has a line of natural medicine designed to encourage the different systems of the body to heal itself. She is committed to teaching food awareness, as it has the healing properties when following the laws of nature, and also being aware of its ability to make you sick when breaking the laws of nature. She holds many licenses and certification's in naturopathy, mesotherapy, esthetics, acupuncture for addiction, and more. Above all she believes her calling in life is to be a instrument to heal humanity at whatever capacity she can. She believes being healthy is everyone's God given birthrate.


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