Heal Chronic Pain By Affecting The Root Cause

Welcome to Cancel Chronic Pain Day 17- With Rick jewers!




I am what may be referred to as an Ascension Guide and purveyor of Divine Gnosis/knowledge. Through my direct connection with Source/Prime Creator/God, I am well-versed in the energetic and organic applications that remedy the individual and assist Ones, both on an Individual and Collective basis. The number one root cause of all suffering and imbalance within the Individual is the stressful environment worldwide they presently live and participate in, to eradicate the root cause of disharmony for All worldwide, I am a Guardian of the Harmonic New Energetic Environment being presently Created for Humanity to quickly transition into, of which its name is the Global Peoples Monetary System and Simplified Divine Law, with Our website residing at gms.world. We are recording the worldwide agreements of every individual on the planet, Children included, to comprise the majority voice worldwide to Lawfully enact this Harmonic New Energetic stress-free environment into full reality and existence.

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