Heal Chronic Pain By Affecting The Root Cause

Welcome to Cancel Chronic Pain Day 12- With Bethany Ranes!




Dr. Bethany Ranes specializes in mental health from the perspective of cognitive neuroscience (a bridge between neuroscience and psychology). Her work focuses on translational science, taking new ideas discovered in laboratories and helping turn them into effective therapies and applications that benefit people directly. Her current passions involve working on brain-based therapies for chronic health conditions, especially chronic pain. She also regularly collaborates with other health professionals to help develop neuroscience-informed interventions for behavior change and non-pharmacological treatment options for conditions like depression, anxiety, diabetes, cardiovascular health, and auto-immune disorders. She has previously worked as a lead research scientist for UnitedHealth Group, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, and the U.S. Army. Currently, she works as a consulting scientist for organizations and companies who wish to blend emerging science about the brain with accessible healthcare solutions in order to help bring a balanced mind-body approach to modern healthcare.

Email: [email protected]